I want to split a spreadsheet tab (called main) so to have (say) N = 3 people working on it without interfering with each other.

enter image description here

For the purpose, I thought to create 3 filter views, each containing rows whose ID modulo 3 has the same result.

In a new worksheet, this is easily accomplished with a filter like

 =filter(main!A2:B, MOD(main!A2:A, 3) = 0)

(replacing 0 with 1 or 2 to get the other IDs) so that I get (in the case of modulo = 0)

enter image description here

How can I achieve this with a filter view with custom condition (which is handy to share separate URL links with collaborators)?

enter image description here


You are already filtering. You don't need =filter(A:A. =MOD(A:A, 3) = 0 should do it instead.

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