Hope someone can help, got the formula below but I want to modify it so that the first IF formula, IF(F3:F="Delay","Delay", returns a “Delay” if it finds a match (not if it finds "Delay") and if it doesn’t it continues with the rest of the formula. The rest of the formula rather than consisting 3 ifs statements I want to use just the following 2, (Today() - C3:C + 7 < 0) * (VLOOKUP(B3:B,Region!A:B,2,0)="MidWest" and exclude (ISNA(VLOOKUP(B3:B,Exclude!A:A,1,0))), if they are both correct then Pass, if either are incorrect then No pass. I’ve tried to re-write the formula but without much success. Any ideas?

={"Combined Formula";Arrayformula(IF(C3:C="",,IF(F3:F="Delay","Delay",
If(  (Today() - C3:C + 7 < 0) *  (VLOOKUP(B3:B,Region!A:B,2,0)="MidWest") * 
 (ISNA(VLOOKUP(B3:B,Exclude!A:A,1,0))),"Pass"," No Pass"))))}

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