I have created a simple iMacros automation flow to get the embed code for each given Facebook post ID.

I used XPath to find the menue button on the top right of the post and then automatically click the embed option from the drop-down menue.

The problem is that Facebook is using dynamic ID for the s in their UI so my automation flow script works only for the post I've created it for and not for new ones.

iMacros uses XPath to find the ID of the element on the screen to click. When the screen is reloaded or the post ID is changed the ID of the element on the screen changes too.

My question is whether there is a way around this problem of dynamic ID? Maybe with regex? to find a certain pattern? maybe a different way to locate a specific clickable area on Facebook's UI?

Here is the screenshot of the element i'm trying to click-automate:

enter image description here

The XPath to it is: //*[@id="u_fetchstream_5_7"] the ID u_fetchstream_5_7 keeps on changing with no apparent pattern to it.

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