I recently started using the + symbol method in GMail to set up multiple accounts relating to my personal email address (social , personal , work , etc), and now I want to use the same method for my business.

But, I'm wondering how to format my emails properly as I have some sub-divisions under my parent business. Is it possible to use multiple + symbols, or is it best to use a . or a -?

I'll give an example:

business@gmail.com // Main Business Email

business+subdivision@gmail.com // Sub Division Email


Any recommendations as to which can, or should be used?


You only get one '+' per email address, but you're free to use '-' or '.' (or both) after the plus. In your case, all the these would be valid:


...and so on. Basically the plus has to come immediately after the primary address and anything that follows (except another plus) is ignored.

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    Thank you. I like the way you've used multiple dashes and the dot in the third line of your example. Very useful for what I want to achieve. – W.H. Sep 27 '18 at 18:56

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