For the last few years I've been using this method to customize my priority inboxes the way I like. However, with the new Gmail redesign this no longer works. Does anyone know a way to get this to work again?


I'm also trying to get this to work. I know this is a hack, but it's the only reasonable way I've found to create multiple sections. The "multiple inbox" config also works, but there's a lot of usability problems with it:

  • Searches don't work right, eg. some conversations that are starred don't show up in the starred search, but do show up when you exclude starred
  • Can't use keyboard shortcuts in the other inboxes
  • Page always focuses to the main inbox so you constantly have to scroll to the others

The new design has almost the same interface, but the "Add Section" button doesn't work at all, and the "^i" configuration to say "scope this to inbox" keeps getting reset back to "All". I've never understood why priority inbox includes archived items.

I hope someone can figure it out

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