I switched from Inbox back to Gmail and I am trying to make it work the way I understand it should, from the descriptions of the settings.

In particular, I have an "Important and unread" section, as well as an "Other messages" one:

enter image description here

My main problem is that the "Other messages" catch every single action I do in Gmail, specifically:

  • every email sent by me land there
  • despite having a filter which is supposed to "not show in the inbox (Archive)" (translated from French, sorry if this is not the exact wording), which still puts the mais in the "Other messages" section.

enter image description here

I need to manually press the Archive button on an email to make it actually go away (= to archive it and then it is not visible anymore in that section).

How is this "Other messages" section special so that it does not take into account archived messages and how to make it do so?

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