I am trying to use A Google Sheet generated by Google Forms to track total attendance time in lab for a robotics team. I have created a form with the following questions:

  1. Checking in or Checking out
  2. Check In Name
  3. Check Out Name

After selecting the first option, the respondent is directed to select their name from a pulldown list of all members. This generates a workbook similar to this workbook. The first sheet includes the responses with the timestamp which is important for recording times. I am thinking the second sheet (Hours) could be used to summarize time.

Is it possible to use a combination of IF and VLOOKUP to calculate hours per day? Or is there a more logical way to accomplish this?

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Make a pivot having team members as rows, Check in and Check out as columns and the put the timestamps con the corresponding intersections, them add a column to calculate the difference between both timestamps and display the result as hours.

There are several ways to do the above:

  • Use a pivot table and a calculated field
  • Use QUERY function to make the pivot then add a column to calculate the hours per day.
  • Use a combinations of formulas to create the row / column headings, set the intersection values and to calculate the hours per day.

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