I'm writing a spreadsheet to keep track of a small business' financials. They operate a few Rooms for rent, and the structure of the document is made so that each sheet holds a year's worth of booking for all the rooms.

Essentially, each row is defines a specific date, while each rooms spans a few columns (reason is that they don't just want to track whether or not a room is booked, but also record names of clients & other remarks), among which the daily calculated income (some factors alter the daily rate each room will generate).


So this is all fine and dandy, and I've created named ranges for each month of the year, and for each room.

For example, rows 6:36 will represent the month of January, while columns C:I will represent Room 1. Room 2 will span J:P and so forth.

Now, in another sheet, I wanted to make a dashboard which lists the earning for each room, per month. It's a very simple table with 12 rows (one for each month) and 10 columns (1 for each room) where I planned to sum up all the earnings.

So my issue is that I can't find a way to retrieve a specific column of a named range for a room ('vertical named range'), which is also limited in a named range for a month ('horizontal named range'). I had read about using ARRAYFORMULA(INDEX(named_range, ,wished_column)) but that only works for a single named range. My knowledge of these two functions being non-existent, I didn't manage to extend it to a 2-named-range version...

(I mean I did try something along the lines of ARRAYFORMULA(INDEX(January, , INDEX(Room1, , 3))) but that didn't work)

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