We have tried many thing to do a job basically we have a Google Sheet to collect information from Google Form once the form is submitted the data get inserted into the sheet and document studio start working and send out the email to the collected email id using form.

Now we are collecting data from some other source on the same Google response sheet but document studio never work as there is no submit form event happening.

Can someone give give us a script or a sort of code which trigger form submit when my Google Sheet receives data from other source?

If there is any way around please suggest me.

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Trying to follow you here, recapping:

  1. You have a form that collects information and onsubmit it sends an email right?
  2. You also have individuals adding data to the form collection sheet that isn't part of the information the form collects, is that right?
  3. If two (2) is correct then you want a notification to go out to a group of people when a row is changed, is that correct?

Short answer is yes there is a script that can send an email when a record is changed. Before i send that to you need to make sure I understand what you are asking for.

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