My goal is to create a YouTube channel, create and publish content, but keep my actual name and details private.

I have a name chosen for the YouTube channel, which is not my actual name. I don't know how to name and add the required information to the Google profile, Gmail account and the YouTube Channel - in terms of which name where, in order to maintain my actual name private, go by my YouTube name on YouTube, but still remain identifiable to YouTube staff in order to do business normally.

I think that most of my concerns are dependent on the answer to the following question: Is the Google profile under which I manage the YouTube channel visible and my actual name accessible to YouTube viewers, other YouTubers or anywhere else online?

If it's not, than is using my actual name for the Google profile and Gmail account the best (or necessary) way to meet the goal of privacy but remain identifiable to YouTube to the extent where the channel can be associated to me by YouTube? Or is there a better way?

If the google profile is visible and my actual name accessible, than what information should I add when creating the Gmail account and the Google profile, into all the fields where you are supposed to add your Name, Last name, Username (for Gmail), Birthday, Gender, Telephone, Recovery email, etc., with the goal of keeping my actual name and details private, but remain identifiable to YouTube to the extent where the channel can be associated to me by YouTube?

(I do know that creation of a new Gmail account is not necessary to create a new Google profile anymore, but if it doesn't hinder the goal of privacy than I would like to create one.)

The second and last concern I have is regarding the email address, which I would like to add on the "About" page (public) under "Details" on the YouTube channel - for any viewer to contact me with eventual complaints, requests etc... So with the same goal of privacy in mind, would for that be best to create a separate Gmail account and thus a separate Google profile just for this contact email, in order to not disclose the Gmail account(s) linked to the actual Google profile, through which I manage the YouTube channel?

(As a layman I get extremely frustrated and lost in the stew of google support pages, and I humbly ask for your help.)

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