I'm plotting 7 data point shown below. Physics Lab Data Table

The column on the left represents my x-values (horizontal axis) and the column on the right represents my y-values (vertical axis). The first row labels the data.

When I use Google Sheets to create a scatter chart with this data, it ignores the values in the left column, and just uses them as labels for values in the right column. Bad Physics Lab Scatter Chart

See the x-axis. The data is out of numerical order, and the scale of the chart displays as if the points are all equally spaced apart when they are not.

I would like to display these points in a way that it accurately represents the data.

Please note that I do not want to use a bubble chart. This is for a lab report and the bubble chart looks unprofessional and silly.

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In the chart settings try Customize > Horizontal Axis > disable 'Treat Labels as Text' > then set the Min to 0.7 and the max to 1.8, then do the same for Vertical using 4 and 40

This removes the equal spacing between labels.

Credit: u/6745408 on reddit

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