We have a lot of documents in various Team Drives which have suggestions made by employees which need to be taken care of by whoever is responsible for each Team Drive. By this I mean suggestions accepted or rejected, and comments resolved.

However, it is unclear how to search for and find these documents. In the advanced search panel I see something called "follow-up":

enter image description here

But even searching across everywhere I have access to, the only result returned is one item in My Drive, when Team Drive results should number in the dozens.

On the other hand, I haven't been able to much documentation to tell me what "follow up" really is, so I'm not sure if I'm even interpreting it right. The fact that "suggestions only" is one of the choices suggests to me that it should find all documents that have suggestion in them, which is not what it is doing. This page says "Follow up: If the file has action items assigned to you, or suggestions in files you own." From other issues I have run into, Team Drive seems to consider the person who created a document to be the owner for cases where an owner is needed, and I did create these files.

How do I find all documents that have suggestions or comments in them?

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