TL;DR - I can't find an old photo in Google Photos. I tried to re-upload it, but since it's already there, it refuse to upload it as a new one.

My WhatsApp Media folder is automatically backed-up to Google Photos, so all the photos I get are there.

I wanted to add a photo I received via WhatsApp more than a year ago, to one of my albums in Google Photos.

I found the photo easily in WhatsApp. But I can't find a way to get to this photo via Google Photos app.

When I open the photo in WhatsApp, obviously, there is no way to add it to an album in Google Photos, since this is a WhatsApp window, not a Google Photos window.

When I click "Open in Gallery" I get to this weird window, which nothing can be done through.

The photo is so old, I can't possibly find it in the mess of Photos. I tried to go to the exact date I got it, but it wasn't there either (probably because I installed Google Photos only after I received it).

The thing is, I was OK with just re-uploading the photo, and add the new copy to my album. So I clicked "Share" on the photo, and the chose "Upload to Google Photos".

Everything went OK, but I could never see the photo. My guess is that Google Photos recognized it was already in the library, so it didn't re-uploaded it.

What can I do?

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