I have data of jobs (A), their executions (B) and duration (C) in my Google Sheet. I have already calculated the average duration of each job with Query language:


How do I calculate standard deviation?

I found the discussion suggesting usage of ARRAYFORMULA and calculating standard deviation from original math equations but I'm looking for a simpler solution.


It always helps to be able to see the actual sheet and data. However, you can run STDEV on a QUERY or on the data it produces.

So let's say you have your QUERY in E2: =QUERY(A:C, "Select A, B, AVG(C) GROUP BY A, B)

That would put your numbers in Column G. So, say in H2, you could use =STDEV(G2:G).

Alternatively — if you didn't need to see the original QUERY output, just the STDEV of it — you could run the STDEV on a QUERY of the QUERY itself: =STDEV(QUERY(QUERY(A:C, "Select A, B, AVG(C) GROUP BY A, B), "SELECT Col3"))

Based on your data, you may need STDEVP instead of STDEV.

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