The following sheet (here) is using a vertical-range formula on some cells to calculate averages (vertically) every 3 rows.

enter image description here

Once the end user will insert a new column, the newly created cells will be empty, therefore I've thought about using arrayFormula to propagate the formula on inserted columns, this could be achieved creating a hidden column, inserting the arrayformula over there, allowing vertical-range formula horizontal expansion.

For instance, assuming B3 formula is =iferror(AVERAGE(FILTER(B6:B, mod(row(B6:B), 3)=0)),""), how could I use arrayformula to expand this horizontally from D3 to K3?

  • Maybe this is not possible? Shall I build a script that will copy formulas on column insertion? – Riccardo Oct 15 '18 at 16:55

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