What if I want to make a group only for specific students without manually accepting/refusing those who ask to join the group myself?

Assuming I've a database that has a number of passwords, and I've given one distinct password to every student, I want them to be automatically accepted if they ask to join and entered a correct password. I also do not want to allow them add/invite new members at all.

  • Is this even possible using FB API at the current time?

  • If so what topics/key_ideas/tags I must make a research about in order to create such a web app?

  • If there is any other way around, I'd love to hear it.

I am not a programmer, I just had few programming courses.

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In short: no.

There is no way to accept group requests trought Facebook Graph API.

You could accept passwords trought group questions , and then comparing them to passwords in your database. Then you could make a a js plugin that automatically clicks accept. But you would still need one admin to be online.

I would recomend studying Facebook for business, as it can be connected with custom domains (your login credentials)

  • Thank you for the explaining and your suggestions :) – Yousef Oct 19 '18 at 17:21

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