I`ve created google spreadsheet with several sheets.

I need to create button with function that allows me to copy values of the 2 columns in sheet "test_air" and paste them in to sheet "Skaiciavimai". Values needs to be pasted into the next available column(first time values pasted in columns A and B, second time - C and D, third time - E and F and so on...)

The first cell of the column needs to contain the date when it was recorded.

function copytestdata() {

  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var sheet1 = ss.getSheetByName("test_air");
  var sheet2 = ss.getSheetByName("skaiciavimai");

  sheet1.getRange("A:A").copyTo(sheet2.getRange(sheet2.getLastColumn()+1,1), {contentsOnly:true});
  sheet1.getRange("D:D").copyTo(sheet2.getRange(sheet2.getLastColumn()+1,2), {contentsOnly:true});


So far that is what I have. Problem, that every time i run function it paste values on top of the previous values(every time script runs values pasted in t o A and B columns) values in to next available row instead of next available column. Despite that values start pasted to the row 3.

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