I am using the google sheets query function to import data from one sheet into another. It is functioning properly and taking only the data I want. However, some of the columns from which data is being imported isn't appearing in the new sheet, where the query function is being called. The interesting thing is that when I edited the query function to import data from a smaller range of values, the values reappear. I attached pictures to demonstrate exactly what I am referring to.

Sheet with limited query data range

Sheet with unlimited query data range

Why is it so that only certain columns won't import if the size of the data range is too big and what can I do to make it work regardless of the data range size?

  • Is EVERYTHING in each of the missing columns of ONE data type (i.e., EITHER numbers OR text)? If you there is a mix, only numbers will show up — even if you only have one number in that column, 1000 rows down. Check to make sure that what looks like numbers really are numbers first, and that they aren't text that just looks like numbers. For more help, post a version of your sheet here, removing any sensitive data. It's always best to be able to see it for ourselves. – Erik Tyler Oct 24 '18 at 2:06

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