We have 2+ workspaces in Slack Enterprise, and I see the shared organizational channels on the two tabs I have open to Slack. However in each tab I see the workspace-specific channels.

I know it's possible to switch Workspaces within one window, but how do I get a list of workspaces and channels?

Or is that only possible in the desktop app? Or am I doomed to keep switching to different tabs for different workspaces?

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On the website you can use the Quick Switcher to switch between channels on workspaces

Otherwise you have to download the desktop app. In the sidebar where channels are listed it also shows another sidebar to the left of that which shows all the workspaces that you are part of:

Slack Mac OS X desktop app

In the screenshot above you can see that there are 6 workspaces in the sidebar.

Shared channels appear in the channels list under "Organization Channels"

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