As far as I know.. if I'm browsing on my windows file explorer folders, and I want to create new document inside the current folder I'm at (lets say this folder is synced with Google Drive).

So the fastest way to create new document would be:

  1. open Google Chrome
  2. open Google Drive website
  3. navigate to the appropriate folder I was on Windows file explorer
  4. create new document
  5. comeback to the Windows file browser folder
  6. wait for the local sync app to sync the newly created files (assuming that I'm using 'Google Drive File Stream' / 'Google Drive Backup & Sync')
  7. and finally see the new Google Docs document on the folder

Motivating visualized illustration: enter image description here

Perhaps I could even fasten it a little bit by going one folder up, right clicking the one and 'open with Google Drive', but still, comparing it to the Microsoft's alternative which is:

  • right click -> New -> Microsoft word document

How can I speed up the process here?

Is there some third party app that allows creating Docs from the right click menu?

Or perhaps any idea how could I write such a script that shortcuts this process?

Any suggestion or idea will be welcomed!

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