I do not have Google, Facebook or Twitter account. I do not use social media. But I want join Medium. I have a non-Google email id. How can I join Medium? I am not seeing any option to create account using email id. Is there any way to join Medium directly using email id, without having any social media? enter image description here


It's a bit deceptive the way they've laid it out on the page.

Go to the "Sign In" link under the two options. Click "Sign in with Email," and if you enter your email address, they will send you an email with a link.

You don't have to have had an account already to do so.

  • And somehow I didn't set a password during that workflow. – y3sh Aug 14 at 13:20
  • @y3sh Yeah, it's a "magic" link that includes a reference to a valid token somewhere on their system. It's by design. – jonsca Aug 14 at 20:39

Sign in or sign up by email

Creating your Medium account or signing in with an email address is quick and easy.

  1. On the Medium homepage, click Sign in in the top-right corner.
  2. Choose Sign in with email.
  3. Enter your email address and click Continue.
  4. Go to your inbox and open the verification email.
  5. Click Sign in to Medium in the email to be redirected to Medium and signed in to your account.


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