Facebook has recently added the ability for pages to join groups. When I enter a group as myself, I'm presented with the choice join the group as one of my pages. However, the choice is just for a few of my pages and not for all of them. Why is that?

Why not all pages?

  • How is it showing for those pages which do not have option to join group? Can you show that? – serenesat Dec 21 '18 at 7:38
  • 1
    Those pages aren't showing at all. When I click this option I see only X pages out of Y. It's not like the other page are grayed out, but simply not showing up at all. – LWC Dec 21 '18 at 9:14
  • And your role to those pages are Admin? – serenesat Dec 21 '18 at 9:16
  • 1
    That's correct. – LWC Dec 21 '18 at 9:35
  • I am also having the same issue. I admin multiple pages, but when I try to interact/join a group, it only lists 1 of them, and not the one I want to use. – snake Jan 29 '19 at 2:27

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