When I type "product.name" or "product.id" into a cell, it's auto–formatted as a URL (different colour, underlined, hover shows it as an external link). But it's not a URL, it's plain text.

Similar text like "product.periodLength" isn't converted to a URL.

Based on:

  1. How to set a Google Docs Spreadsheet cell format to bare text?
  2. How can I stop Google Sheets formatting a Forms response as a date?

I've tried setting the formatting to plain text and using a leading single quote ('), but it doesn't stop the text being formatted as a URL.


I couldn't find an absolute setting to just disable this function. However, you can disable the function from continuing to create links or start creating links in a new document simply by selecting all the cells (Ctrl+A), right-click and select "Unlink" from the options menu. As soon as you do this, Google Sheets saves the change and no hyperlinks will automatically be created. Closing and re-opening does not re-enable the function either.

  • Thanks, that did the job! – RobG Nov 8 '18 at 4:28

(Right clicking may not be ideal when you look to automate your sheet...)

Apply method setShowHyperlink(bool) to a range of cells, e.g.

var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheets()[0]
var reportRange = sheet.getRange("A2:E200")

See Google documentation - Google Apps Script .

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