I have to vet the comments on my YouTube channel to prevent spam. Thus, I have the Commenting on my videos set to "Approved".

In the Creator Studio, there is a tab for "Comments" and there is a "Held for Review" screen where one can see what comments need to be approved. From there I can approve or reject.

The problem is I never get any notifications whatsoever when there are comments waiting to be approved. I do have better things to do than continually check that page, but that is the only way I know of at present to know if any comments need to be approved. There have been times when comments from 2 months ago are in there that I haven't gotten around to approving yet.

Is there a setting somewhere I can toggle to force YouTube to immediately send me an email whenever a comment is pending approval, so I can manually go in and approve it?

The only other thing I can think to do is set an Outlook reminder to "Check for pending YouTube comments" on a regular basis but this seems to be a rather dumb workaround in my opinion. I would think this is a very basic feature.

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