In MS Excel, I can type the following formula


Without taking my hands off the keyboard. I start in cell B1, I type =SUM( then I use the cursor keys to move one cell to the left, hit CTRL-SPACE (which turns the A1 into A:A) then type )

Is there any way to get google spreadsheets to do the same thing? The CTRL-SPACE shortcut works for selecting cells, but not within a formula. Is there some other way to do what I'm after?

I can use CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN but the end result is a reference to the range A1:A1000 - so if I subsequently add another 1000 rows to the spreadsheet, my formula doesn't extend.

Please help, my muscle memory is working against me right now... and the mouse is so far away!

Edit: Apologies, browser is chrome (but I'll use anything if I can get this to work). OS is Windows 10

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    – Jon
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  • Always AOK; your question.
    – K7AAY
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I consulted the Google Sheets Help Forum, and the expert advice from there confirms that feature does not exist yet. Instead, they suggested

"If you'd like to influence future versions of Google Sheets, Feature Requests are encouraged. You can submit your idea using the HELP > Report a Problem menu. I know that those submissions are valued by the Sheets team."

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