I'm trying to extract the "Comestibilité" and "Remarques" parts from a page using IMPORTXML in my Google Spreadsheet but I just can't get to them, they are generated by JavaScript but I cannot figure out how get those tags in IMPORTXML results. Any idea how?

I read many posts and tried :

 =IMPORTXML("https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?tag=Baorangia%20bicolor", "//*")
 =IMPORTXML("https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?tag=Baorangia%20bicolor", "//script")

But even if I get many results, I do not get the tags I'm looking for !!?

I also tried:

 =IMPORTXML("https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?tag=Baorangia%20bicolor", "//*[@id='Comestibilité']")

Wich returns no result.

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Google Sheets built-in funcion IMPORTXML can't access tags created by JavaScript. You could ask for a software recommendation on https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com or look for related web scrapping programming questions on https://stackoverflow.com.


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    Thanks Rubén, I resolved using the Chrome extension Web Scraper.
    – Joe Vanni
    Nov 18, 2018 at 3:30

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