I have a sheet logging participation each month by members with multiple accounts, initially used the top account to track the top earner but after adding a tab to consolidate accounts by member I'm struggling to build a function to return the overall top earner each month.

Link to GSheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lHn2Um92-YIMUsXp8JJbf4IMwj6uAJ8esjdBHW-SSc0/edit?usp=sharing

Example: In the 'November' Tab, Gambit 306 is the account with most PaPs, which is listed in the 'Summary' Tab.
However, Ekiesta has the most across all accounts associated with that member as shown in the 'Char/Alt List' Tab.

At a total loss how to even start replacing the call in the Summary Tab 'Top Earner' cells to return the Main account with highest Paps from the 'Char/Alt List' Tab.

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