I need to do something pretty basic - change the (Y-axis) "Series"' aggregation function from Sum to Average in a Google Sheets bar chart.

I see how to do so in the official documentation and in the UI's chart editor under Customize then Series then Aggregate Type.

However, every time I try to do so there seems to be a glitch. An error message pops up saying

Unable to upload file

Not that there was any file upload involved. This problem has persisted across browser types and machines for 2 days.

I'm not sure what the best way to do a reproducible example here is other than to link to one in Sheets (?). Please note - I am aware of a workaround, which is basically to precalculate the means or values of interest. For now, that's what I'm doing. However, I'd still like to troubleshoot this or determine if it's a genuine bug...

enter image description here

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