The Sheet has a column with cells populated by a dropdown list offering 3 choices: Good; Very Good; Rejected;

In that context, it would be practical to sort the column according to a specific/custom order on those 3 values, no matter the alphabetic order.

E.g.: Rejected in first, Very Good in second and Good in last.

Filter offers only A-Z or Z-A. Is there a way to decide the order base on values in a column?

  • You could use a hidden helper column with a single array formula that will help you do this. If you'd like to share a link to your sheet or a copy of your sheet, I'll devise the solution, implement it, and explain it here. – Erik Tyler Nov 26 '18 at 23:59
  • Yep it seems like the solution. I was asking to see if there was another way. I had made a new sheet with a fake « Table » using Key/Value pair mimicking a Database with index, but I endup playing with a hidden column in the main sheet so I was hoping to find a more standard way of doing that sort, but I realise it's probably not possible. – Joe Vanni Nov 27 '18 at 19:52

An trivial way to solve this is to change the names of your categories to '1-Rejected', '2-Very Good' and '3-Good'.

  • Hi Oren! I had that idea too. I played with a number at the begining or end of the category with a white font so it was invisible. Quite nice, but the format is lost when exported in Google Docs Table. But thanks, good tip! – Joe Vanni Nov 27 '18 at 19:46
  • If exporting is an issue, you can then create a simple script that replaces all "Very Good" by "2-Very Good", sort, and then replace it back. – Oren Pinsky Nov 29 '18 at 13:11

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