YouTube provides a mobile site however, no matter what I set my UserAgent to be I never get the HTML5 media player with speed controls,

For example, set your UserAgent to Mozilla / 5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; Redmi Note 4) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, como Gecko) Chrome / 70.0.3538.80 Mobile Safari / 537.36

Then go to m.youtube.com hit up a movie.

Is there anyway to get speed controls on the mobile YouTube site.

  • I’m voting to close this question because it is no longer relevant. Youtube mobile supports playback speed adjustment
    – Blindspots
    Commented Aug 21, 2023 at 21:45

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Depending on whether your browser supports extensions/addons, you can probably take any of the many HTML5 video speed controller extensions/addons.

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