In Google Maps, I try (for the first time) to save a location to the predefined "Favorites" list (under Menu > Your places > Saved > Favorites). I get the error message "Failed to save to favorites". Saving to the list "Starred places" is possible however. I am using the Browser version with Chrome under Windows 10. How can I get around this error?


My Solution: I used the mobile app version of Google Maps (iOS). I added one place to the list "Favorites" which was possible without error message. After adding the first entry, it was also possible to add more places to the list with the browser version.

Remark: This question has already been asked once, under the title "Cannot create new lists and cannot save places to existing lists in Google Maps". The answer given there (change the region) did not solve the problem for me.

Unfortunately, I could not answer that question due to lack of reputation, hence I am posting the same question again and answering it myself. Sorry for the duplicate but I didn't see any other way to post an answer.

  • happens to me right now, though I already have places in favorites – igor Jul 9 at 12:02

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