I'm trying to help a friend with a project. We need all posts from a particular Facebook group extracted (any format, JSON, CSV, whatever). We plan on analyzing the content.

I thought this would be a simple task - set up a Facebook app, use the Graph API, query for the posts, and catalogue them. This is when I learned that you needed to submit a video for App Review with Facebook in order to use their API for groups.

Is there any other way to pull this data out Facebook? It's all public data.

Do I need to resort to web scraping? Is there another API? Can I formally request this information from Facebook in some way?

  • Read the data policy of Facebook. If you are able the extract data from API, try to get permission from Facebook. There are several third party tools available on internet to do this job, but before using any of them make sure you are not violating any terms and condition of Facebook. – serenesat Dec 3 '18 at 6:28

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