I have Facebook Messenger - https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/username - open in a tab in Chrome, for instance, to talk to my brother.

I switch to a different tab or a different Window, and my brother sends me a message. This pops up a small toast message down right on the screen. Nothing odd so far.

However, when I click on this notification, it takes me to the Messenger tab in Chrome, then 1 second later, it refreshes the page.

This is super annoying, as I have to wait for all this to complete before I can type my reply. If I start typing as soon as the page comes up I can easily do this, it's just that 1 second later I'm interrupted by the full refresh of the page.

So is this just the nature of the notification messages and how they work, or just how Facebook messenger works?

Or can I disable this, stop this, fix this, etc., and if so, how? (that is, can I prevent this refresh from happening?)

This is Chrome, latest version, on Windows 10, latest version.

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