I have a Google spreadsheet that I created to track daily equipment inspections. The data in the sheet comes from a form that is filled out by whoever inspects the equipment for that day.

Here's a link to the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ovpv7Dn1eJZ_tLZDCPF5elMS_L5doqtBhCIjKCYdFD0/edit?usp=sharing

Basically, I want an email sent to me if anything comes back as NOT OK indicating the truck #, what was not ok and any additional comments.

I tried creating a script but it's not working:

function sendemails()


var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();

var startRow = 2; 

var data = dataRange.getValues();

for (var i = 0; i < data.length; ++i) {
var row = data[i];
var message = row[1];
var emailSent = row[2];
if (emailSent != EMAIL_SENT) { 
      var subject = 'Sending emails from a Spreadsheet';
  MailApp.sendEmail("test@gmail.com", "Attention required", "The following issues were highlighted during an inspection:");
      sheet.getRange(startRow + i, 3).setValue(EMAIL_SENT);




Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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Answer for revision 1

EMAIL_SENT is not defined. You could figured out by yourself if you use the tools and techniques described on https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/support/troubleshooting, like using the built in debugger and commands like console.log.

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