It's come to my attention that GoogleClock no longer works on new sheets, anyway I can update the below code so it can update every minute:

Tried put =SheetNames(NOW())

It says not allowed. I'm very new to scripts, below script I found on here:

function SheetNames() { // Usage as custom function: =SheetNames( GoogleClock() )
   try {
     var sheets = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheets()
     var out = new Array( sheets.length+1 ) ;
     //out[0] = [ "Name" , "gid" ];
     for (var i = 3 ; i < sheets.length+1 ; i++ ) out[i-7] = [sheets[i-1].getName()];
     return out
    catch( err ) {
       return "#ERROR!"

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