What I am hoping to do is take the =Now() date that is located on my default sheet and in the Row 1 Column 1 cell and somehow when the sheet is accessed onOpen() have it automatically change the active sheet to the tab that matches the current date.

I am a teacher at a behavior school and I created a digital pointsheet my students are having difficulty navigating. I am hoping that a google script can help me. I have asked around and researched the topic, but have not as of now found something that works. Thanks for your time and insights!

Here is an example sheet of what I would like to have Example Form

I feel like the script on this page should work with some tweaking, however I am having difficulty with formatting the date in a way that coincides with the tabs. Here is the link to the script I have been working with trying to create something that meets my needs. Possible Script

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When Apps Script read a date from a cell it pass a JavaScript object but the sheet names are strings. You could use Utilities.formatDate.

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