I want to share different sets of images with different people - for instance, once set of pictures for family, other for friends, another for work associates, and so forth. But the images I want to share is not static - I want to add more images and albums over time. But I do not want to have to create a new share each time I add a new album as this is going to be a big hassle - I want everything in one place to share once. Ideally people would automatically get notified after I add new stuff, but if there's no option to turn that on or off that's not as critical.

The problem is, once I create an album it seems like I can't create any sub-folders in it. With thousands of images to share, putting them all in one album is not an option either. I won't know the complete set of albums at any given time either, because I'm always going to be adding new albums. How can I share once and be done with it?

Update: It appears that in Google Photos it isn't possible to create folders (or sub-albums) in an album. How do people manage their albums, then? It's going to get really out of hand having hundreds or even thousands of albums in a flat structure for both myself and anybody I am sharing them with!

Update 2: I was thinking about experimenting with this option to see if I could create collections of photos in Google Drive instead, although I have no idea of how accessible this would be. But I tried going to Google Drive under Settings -> Create a Google Photos folder. But after this is checked nothing happens! There are no indications that something is happening, and I don't see any such folder!

Update 3: A couple hours later I checked back, and a Google Photos folder has showed up in Google Drive, although it is missing a lot of my older photos. It appears that I can move them around to different folders, but this isn't sufficient, because some photos need to be shared with multiple groups of people and Drive does not seem to have a "symlink" type of copy - thus, to share I would need to make brand new copies which are completely detached from the original and take up additional space.

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