I'm setting up a WordPress blog for a client. She wants to have a list of her upcoming public speaking engagements posted on her blog, and also shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Now, when I search "WordPress" and "Facebook", all I see are plugins to display Facebook events on a WordPress blog, but nothing to do it the other way round: post an event on the blog, and have it appear automatically as a Facebook event.

The closest thing I've found is a WordPress plugin called The Events Calendar, which can use WordPress' Jetpack to autopost its events, but they get posted as Facebook posts, not as events, if I understand it correctly. Is there any way to do this?

Note 1: I could just create the events on Facebook instead and show them on the blog, using some of the plugins mentioned above, but then I also need to post them to LinkedIn.

Note 2: I found this question, which says that it can be definitely done, but you'd have to program it using Facebook's API. I was hoping for an already existing solution, since the client's budget won't afford for custom programming.

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    I have removed that sentence which was asking for software as software recommendation is off-topic on this site. The link you have mentioned in Note 2 is saying right. You need to write a program using Facebook APIs which can do the job for you. Or you can search on Google for a software or program may be someone has already wrote this. There is no other way as per my knowledge. – serenesat Dec 11 '18 at 6:07

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