I've been using Chrome synced with my personal email for some time. All of my Chrome settings, bookmarks, history, etc. are on there. In practice I use my school email a lot more often (I use my school account for my calendar, get about 5 times more email traffic, use the G suite drive to keep most of my documents, etc). It's frustratingly time consuming to have to switch accounts every time I wanna use drive or my calendar. Since my Chrome account is my personal email, I can't change this as the default email to use for G suite applications (or at least, logging out of everything and logging in first with my school email doesn't work). Any way to either copy all my Chrome settings into my school account, or change the default in my personal account?

  • What platform are you on? If it's not Chrome OS, this should be as easy as using Chrome (the browser's) profile feature to set your two Google accounts as different profiles. Then you just keep two separate Chrome windows open, one logged in to each profile. This does keep two sets of bookmarks, passwords etc. but in practice I find I prefer this. YMMV. – ScoBe Dec 11 '18 at 15:12
  • Sorry if I was unclear. I'm on Mac. This is what I want, but the having a new set of bookmarks, etc is inconvenient to me. – David Lalo Dec 12 '18 at 17:22

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