I have a group chat with one member whose messages I have put in Filtered.

Every time I open the group chat, this message pops up:

This group has members, [name], whose messages you've ignored. If you ignore this group, you can find it in Filtered Messages.

It then asks if I want to ignore the group or continue.

Is there a way to block this? It's annoying to have to answer every time, especially when I could always ignore the group chat whenever I want, without a prompt.

  • I did have to message that person on our individual chat, in order to get them to be "un-ignored".
  • I read that was the way to fix the problem.
  • Then I thought that would help the group chat, so I wasn't getting those pop-up's. It didn't.

Until I "unistalled" the app & "reinstalled" the app.

  • Now I the pop-up message about that person - is GONE! =)

I guess I just have to delete our private conversations & deal with it, in order to not get that annoying message on the group chat. :P

Good Luck, Jen

  • Nice. Thanks for the answer. I would still like a solution to the browser version, if anyone has it. – Soundsgoood Oct 12 '19 at 2:06

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