There are three columns A, B, C AND today date is in the first row of the column A means A1. I need to import these three columns date excluding date row. A2:A100, B2:B100, C2:C100 in another sheet.

I have tried this:

=filter((importrange("sheets key", sheet1!A:F),
 importrange("sheets key"sheet2!A2:C10 =TODAY()))

My formula got error cannot solve this.

sheet 1 data sheet 2 data -imported


internal solution:


examine demo sheet

external solution:

=IF(IMPORTRANGE("1N14SLXcs-TDG0XDi4vXCTB7XTHu2c-9u3TTP5NwI78g", "Sheet1!A1")=TODAY(),
    IMPORTRANGE("1N14SLXcs-TDG0XDi4vXCTB7XTHu2c-9u3TTP5NwI78g", "Sheet1!A2:C10"),)

examine demo sheet

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