Note, this is my first time on this stack exchange, I did look at other questions here to see if mine would be appropriate, and based on the other questions in the "wikipedia" tag I decided to ask it here, but if it needs to improve, please let me know what to change.

In the talk page for the Taylor Swift article, it says "This is an FA class article". I wondered what that means, so I started searching a bit, and before coming here I did try to find the answer on my own but it is surprisingly difficult. Here's one of the searches I did on Google:

enter image description here

Also, if you click on any of those pages, it just says (for example): "This category contains biography articles that have been judged "FA" on the assessment scale by the Biography WikiProject. Articles are automatically added to this category based on a parameter in the project banner template."

There is no link for me to click and find out what "FA" means.

The other classes seem to be:

  • FA
  • A-Class
  • article
  • A
  • GA
  • B
  • C
  • Start
  • Stub
  • Featured
  • list
  • FL
  • List
  • Book
  • Category
  • Disambig
  • Draft
  • File
  • Project
  • Redirect
  • Template
  • NA
  • ???

(the last class called "???" is not a typo, it has a hyperlink going to here).

However this seems to be a list of "categories", one of which is "FA-Class", and even at the categories help page it doesn't tell us what FA-class means.

What are these things like "FA-Class" and where can I learn more information about them?

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