I try to use negate (NOT) in IFS, but it is not working, I get error.


NOT(TRUE); "aaa"


How to fix it?


you can use:

=IFS(NOT(A1="abc"); "aaa")

to fix #N/A:

=IFERROR(IFS(NOT(A1="abc"); "aaa"))

to fix blank output:

=IF(A1<>""; IFERROR(IFS(NOT(A1="abc"); "aaa"); ); )

if there is only one negation go with:

=IF(A1<>"";IFERROR(IF(NOT(A1="abc"); "aaa"); ); )

to simplify:

=IFERROR(IF(AND(A1<>""; A1<>"abc"); "aaa"; ); )

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You need a comma rather than a semicolon in your expression and the brackets must balance i.e.

=IFS(NOT(TRUE), "aaa")
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  • Sorry, but comma is not working for me. Just semicolon. Probably because of the language settings I use. – klor Dec 19 '18 at 15:19

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