Let's say, I have a sheet with these 2 columns, where column A is for 'Remarks' and B is for 'Date'. 2nd and 4th rows are intentionally left blank to simulate that no Remarks and Date are provided.

A           B 
--------    -----------
Auto Closed 11/25/2018

DEC-2018    12/3/2018

Auto Closed 12/5/2018
Auto Closed 12/12/2018

Now, I need to find out the number of records that are "Auto Closed" in December (12).

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=COUNTIFS(A2:A; "Auto Closed"; 
          B2:B; ">"&DATE(2018; 11; 30);
          B2:B; "<"&DATE(2019;  1;  1))


=COUNTIFS(A2:A; "Auto Closed";
          B2:B; ">"&43434;
          B2:B; "<"&43466)

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