I have seen one other similar question on this topic posted a few years ago, but I have been unable to have any success with the suggestions given there.

I have sales sheets (a new one added each day) with standardized names (12.3.18, 12.4.18, 12.5.18, etc..) that I would like to be able to see the sales sums of on a separate cover sheet. Ideally I'd just like to be able to enter a date into a given cell (A3) and have the sum calculated for that date.

For example entering:


works fine, but when I try:


I get #REF!

I have tried playing around with the code (adding apostrophes, and parantheses), but haven't had any luck. What am I missing?


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Use the following:

=sum(indirect(A3 & “!H2:H99”))

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