A few days ago, the "See Pages Feed" on my Facebook pages simply disappeared. I have been searching frantically finding out what happened -- and how to access posts from Pages I've liked via my Page(s).

To no avail.

This really throws me for a loop. Suddenly, I cannot access the posts without going to individual pages. That's not only cumbersome, yet also I am sure I am missing lots of great posts.

Do you have the answer?
I am trying this via my PC -- not my mobile phone.

  • p.s. O yes, and I am trying this via my PC -- not my mobile phone.
    – Jacquee
    Dec 21, 2018 at 20:05

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Try this URL:


So if your business' name is Yellow Puppy Foundation, type business.facebook.com/YellowPuppyFoundation/pages_feed/

If you aren't running a business page, use this URL


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