The issue is mainly that I don't understand what is meant by the web app. I understood that it must support HTTP requests, but otherwise is it the same? Or is the difference in publishing?

I looked on documentation: https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/web. But I still do not understand the difference.

First, I thought that web app has its own UI and it mustn't be connected with the G Suite environment, but the documentation says:

Both standalone scripts and scripts bound to G Suite applications can be turned into web apps…

My thought wouldn't make sense for a bound script. Or would it? What is the difference?

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A Google Apps Script web app will have it's own URL to be used to make HTTP GET/POST requests.

A G Suite Add-on adds a menu to a G Suite app (Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides)

A Google Apps Script project could be bounded or standalone and could be used to post a G Suite add-on, a web app or both.

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