I have a spreadsheet with many rows like this:

Arkonor 16m³Crimson +5%Prime +10%Flawless +15%

Bistot 16m³Triclinic +5%Monoclinic +10%Cubic +15%

Crokite 16m³Sharp +5%Crystalline +10%Pellucid +15%

How do I extract words from these cells? Example, in the first row, I would like to extract words Arkonor, Crimson, Prime and Flawless, one in each cell if possible.


 D1,"\b\w[^A-z]*\b"," "),"\W+"," "),"[0-9]+","")," m "," "))," "))

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  • thank you very much! it solved my problem :) – wg2moiLi8K425oUo Dec 27 '18 at 21:37


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  • thanks for the reply, and sorry I think I did not explain the question correctly, I will edit it. I cannot set values for the words, because I have 200 rows and each row there are different words, so I need a regex to extract words from the cell, no matter what is written there. – wg2moiLi8K425oUo Dec 27 '18 at 18:55

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