If A blocks B on Twitter (preventing B from seeing A's tweets), can B block A so that A can't see B's tweets?

Where is the option to block somebody after they have blocked you?


Yes, B can block A, even A already has blocked B.

Go to that person's profile who has blocked you. There you see a message showing that you are blocked from following that person and viewing that person's tweets.

There on the right top you will see three vertical dots, click on that, there will be three options: Mute, Block, Report.

So, you can block, mute or report a person who already has blocked you. See the below screenshot for better understanding:enter image description here


Only the first person to block can do so on Twitter.

As person B has been blocked by person A, there is no ability for person B to even see the existence of person A which to block them bilaterally.

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    This answer is straight wrong. See my answer. – serenesat Jan 8 at 9:58

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