I've researched through the site to see if this has been answered but with no luck after reading:

In Google Sheet I'm trying to measure time accounting for a break:

enter image description here

When I add the first start time I get a negative:

enter image description here

when I add a clock out it's ok:

enter image description here

Starting the time back up it throws that time off:

enter image description here

How can I calculate the time that has an IN and OUT but omit the time when it only has an IN value?

The formula:

=ROUND((ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(B3:C3)=FALSE,((C3-B3)*24*60/60),""))) + ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(D3:E3)=FALSE,((E3-D3)*24*60/60),"")),2)
  • to prevent negative value you can MAX it:

         + ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(D3:E3)=FALSE,((E3-D3)*24*60/60),"")),2),0)

  • to fix the logic:

                + ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(D3:E3)=FALSE,((E3-D3)*24*60/60),"")),2),

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